Campsite Spotlight: Woods Canyon Lake


Arizona’s landscape is more diverse than people give it credit for. The first things that come to mind for many are cacti and Wiley Coyote. But there are adventures that we want to show you that break away from the stereotype. That’s why today’s Campsite Spotlight is shining on beautiful Woods Canyon Lake.

All the campgrounds on today’s list are near Woods Canyon Lake. Each has access to the lakes’ excellent fishing, hiking, and boating. Each site also features creature comforts like restrooms and showers nearby.


The largest of the Woods Canyon Lake Campgrounds, Aspen Campgrounds offers 136 sites. They can also accommodate the largest camper trailers, up to 45 feet long.

Many campers who reviewed this site talk about and post pictures of the elk that wander through camp.


Crook Campground is a smaller site just down the way from the lake. It has 26 campsites and can be a getaway for camper trailers up to 32 feet long.

Campers come back telling stories of clean campgrounds and friendly host staff. There is an especially large center pavilion perfect for family gatherings and large picnics.


This site is just across rim road from Woods Canyon Lake. Although that puts it just outside the lake recreation area, just two miles from the shore. It does have some of the best views. It is one of the closest campsites there is to the Mogollon Rim.

The Campsite also has immediate access to the Mogollon trailhead for the hiker in your family.


This site is the nearest to the lake itself and is in the shade of tall pines. This is the perfect site for fishers, families, and photographers.

No matter which campground you choose there, Woods Canyon Lake is worth the visit for any outdoors lover. We recommend the lake highly. Garvin’s RV is glad to help you make a perfect adventure with a comfortable trailer and a paddle craft to enjoy.

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