Campsite Spotlight: Theodore Roosevelt Lake

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Theodore Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake that is wholly in Arizona. That makes it the perfect place for fishing, motorized and paddled boating. We recommend it highly for RV and paddle craft adventures. It is also the closest lake to Garvin’s RV & Adventures headquarters, which means low prices on deliveries. In this Campsite Spotlight, we will be looking at five campgrounds on the shores of Roosevelt Lake and its offshoot, Apache lake.

Further south and lower elevation than the other lakes we recommend, Roosevelt Lake stays warmer longer. This means you can have an extended swimming or boating season and comfortably adventure here outside of peak tourist season. Even in winter, it boasts temperatures in the mid-60s. No reason to shy away from beautiful Roosevelt Lake any time of the year.

Now, on to the campsites.


A beautiful campground in the Sonoran Desert landscape, Cholla campground is the largest solar-powered campsite in the United States. It has 206 campsites, each equipped with a shade ramada, fire pit, grill, and picnic tables.

Your proximity to the lake here makes it the perfect place for a boating trip. We offer Kayaks just for that purpose.

Grapevine Group Campsite

This site is perfect for large get-togethers for companies or families. Each group site features sheltered picnic areas, grills, flush toilets, and showers. The individual sites all include fire rings, grills, picnic tables, and parking space.

Nature’s beauty plus the amenities make this a great site for hosting big events. Want a lakeside wedding? Done. A company-wide fishing tournament. You bet!


Another great campsite for enjoying Lake Roosevelt. Schoolhouse Campgrounds features large sites for 10 individuals and up to three vehicles. Or you could go with their double campsites for up to 20 people and six vehicles. The campsites have pull-through parking, fire rings, and grills. It is also one of the best sites for meeting any accessibility needs, featuring paved parking.

Windy Hill

Located near the middle of Roosevelt Lake, Windy Hill Campgrounds give you access to some of the best the lake has to offer. The Windy Hill Recreational area stretches into the lake to let you feel surrounded by the lake’s beauty.

This site also features everything you and your family need to enjoy an extended adventure. Picnic areas, playgrounds, and even showers can all be found here.

Burnt Corral

This is different from the rest because it is downriver from the Roosevelt Dam. This campsite is on the shores of Apache Lake. Down a dirt road, you can get that “out-of-the-way” feeling here. It features many of the amenities that the big lake has: docks, fire rings, toilets, picnic tables, grills, and beach access.

Whatever your lakeside camping needs are, Garvin’s RV & Adventures is here to help you get set up on your perfect adventure. Check out a gallery of our own adventures at Roosevelt Lake on our Facebook page.

Images and maps via Google,, and Garvin’s RV & Adventures.


2 thoughts on “Campsite Spotlight: Theodore Roosevelt Lake”

  1. Ann Paul says:

    I love your posts! I’ve been going to Roosevelt lake for over 50 years and I’m learning things I never knew.
    I may need to take advantage of your delivery, setup and pickup this spring or summer.

    1. Thank you Ann! We would be glad to provide you all of the things you need to make your adventure the best it can be.

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