Ready For Adventure!


Our goal at Garvin’s RV & Adventures is to remove the obstacles keeping you from your dream adventure. We are excited to announce that our RV Rental and Service departments are ready to help you get out there.

We are especially excited to tell everyone about our rental fleet of seven incredible RVs. Pick one of our trailers to enjoy an adventure with. Each trailer is stocked with everything you need for a comfortable trip. Leave your bedding and dishware at home, we’ve got you covered. We will even deliver it to your favorite campsite for you.

These are the trailers you’re looking for. Whether you want a quiet getaway in Couple’s Retreat or a family outing in Payson Pioneer, we have the RV you need. The whole purpose of these trailers is to make sure you can adventure the way you want to.

But some campsites need a bit more than a trailer. Lakeside campsites come to mind. To take advantage of your favorite waterside campground you’ll want a watercraft too. We have kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards for your enjoyment. Each comes with safety vests and buckets of fun, but remember to bring your sunblock. Watercraft packaged in adventures with an RV even come at a discounted price.

We want you to be out there. You Belong On An Adventure! We are here to get you there.

Thank for Adventuring with us,

-The Garvin RV family.


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