Adventuring: The Responsible Choice


Here at Garvin’s RV & Adventures, we have maintained the motto “You belong on an adventure”. Everyday life can take it out of you. We wanted to provide a way for you to get away from it all. Recently, there has been a lot going on that makes us think “You still belong on an adventure”.

Take some time in nature to decompress and practice responsible “social distancing” while taking in the beauty of Arizona camping. Unplug and enjoy one of our RVs, home away from home. Nature is liberating. It wants you to be you. That is the adventure we want to offer to you right now. A chance to get into that liberated state of mind and being. Get away from the stress and enjoy yourself.

Next, we assure you that we will do everything we can to make sure you can feel the peace and comfort of nature without the need for concern. First, all of our rentals have toilet paper, soap, and clean water stocked for you when you arrive. Clean bedding is also available to you. Secondly, we have always committed to keeping our rental fleet in perfect health and that continues now. Whenever an RV comes back to us, it goes through thorough inspections, cleaning, and sanitization. We have an in house expert certified in sanitization and infection control making sure each of our units is a safe and comfortable place for you to stay during your adventure.

As always we are committed to helping you have the best experience possible, and we all need some good experiences in times like these. So, get out there, enjoy some fresh air, get your social distancing the best place you can: in nature. No one at Garvin’s RV will tell you to worry, fret, or be afraid and neither will nature. There is no need to feel cooped up or quarantined when there are amazing adventures just waiting for you.

We wish you happy adventuring and we will do everything we can to make you a happy camper.


The Garvin’s RV Team

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